Friday, 22 February 2013

Sample the Real Thing!

The full text of the 'Crummackdale Stadium Tour' - from 'A Three Peaks Up and Under' is now available on . 

The chapter accompanies the slimmed-down, illustrated version on this blog.  Just type 'Crummackdale' into the search box and it's all yours.  

Also published on the same website is 'Bruntscar Cave: The Hole Behind the Barn' - detailing  an exploration of a most unusual cave under Whernside, discovered in 1865 when a farmer broke a way into the cliff behind his house.  Nowadays, the few that know it call at the farm with simple caving gear and put a small donation in the church collection box.  Real Enid Blyton stuff!  Later this year I'll go back with the camera and post a photo tour.  Hope you enjoy the reading in the meantime.


read the full chapters and get ready for adventure!

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