Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dip into Details

Dip into Details - the Most Comprehensive Book Ever Written About the Three Peaks of Yorkshire ..

This Blog is designed to introduce the book I have been researching and writing for 10 years.  
I first visited the Dales in 1973 at the grand old age of four - and by seven I was camping on the wilds of Twistleton Scars in Chapel-le-Dale.

Before me, as I unzipped the tent door, was the cone of Ingleborough: my Everest.

It has remained with me ever since.  There is barely a day goes by when I don't think about this mountain.  It is very much part of my life.  'A Three Peaks Up and Under' is designed to take the reader and explorer to every cave, every pothole, every valley and pavement .. and by that I do mean every.  So many rush round that marathon walk and miss out on the delights of this accessible mountain and its companions.  I am also aiming to give many their first tentative taste of what it's like inside Ingleborough - so we'll be heading down Gaping Gill on the winch, splashing through Great Douk Cave and rabbiting in the caves of Ribblehead.  All that to look forward to in the next few months.  Oh - and if you behave yourselves I'll even post a few illustrated chapters for you to try out ....

Hope you find something to smile about in 'A Three Peaks Up and Under.'


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