Monday, 18 February 2013

A Three Peaks Up and Under

Hi Rock and Sky Lovers!

Just having a fiddle about really with my hundreds of Peaky Pics.  Just two chapters to go of my 'epic tome' as one publisher has kindly put it, on the Three peaks of Yorkshire.  This was Ingleborough yesterday: more of an Eiger than a tiger - though the stripes are evident!  

This is just a taster of things to come on my blog.  My favourite place in the world, and the destination of my 'cinders' in hopefully more than a few years.  Can you spot the old man's face with drooping eyelids to the right of the fall?  Turner came here to paint, Wordsworth to think ... and it was one of the first showcaves in the Uk until closed in 1971 after an accident.  This is Weathercote Cave.  

The cute little entrance door was closed for the last time to the public when I was two - way back in 1971.  You expect to meet Parsley the Lion ... it has that kind of effect.  Instead, you meet a massive amount of noise and fractured rock ...

See you soon.  Tomorrow we'll have the first guided tour!

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