Thursday, 26 December 2013

Three Peaks Thrills of Thirteen
The best of 2013: part two

July: Jacko returns to Malham Cove after his 1973 'skydive'.

July:  Superb view from the brink of Malham Cove.

July:  Malham Cove from the stream below the cliff face.

August: The Smelt Mill chimney near Malham Tarn.

August: Malham Tarn from the path to the Priest's House.

August:  Chapel Cave, Malham Tarn.

August:  Is that a man peeping round the corner in Chapel Cave?

August:  Kirkby Malham Church - 'Cathedral of the Dales.'

August:  Kirkby Malham Church.

August:  Limestone pavement above the Watlowes, Malham.

August:  Watlowes dry valley, Malham.

August:  Lichens on an old tree - Malham Tarn.

August:  The author on the edge of the world: Malham Cove.

August:  Scaleber Force, Settle, in flood.

August: Stridebut Iron Age Settlement, Malham.

August:  Sheriff Hill burial cairn, Malham Cove.

August: The ancient enclosures of the Malham Raikes.

August:  The Lower fall of Force Gill, Whernside.

August:  Grensett Cave, high on the slopes of Whernside.

August: The author inside Greensett Cave, Whernside.

August:  Greensett Tarn, Whernside.

August:  Southerscales, looking to Whernside.

August:  The awe-inspiring Meregill Hole, Ingleborough.

August:  Red admiral at Meregill Hole.

August: Limestone beneath the slopes of Ingleborough.

August:  Ingleborough from Raven Scars.

August:  Raven Scar Cave - inhabited by early man.

August: Bronze Age settlements, Ingleborough.

August:  White Scars, Ingleborough.

August: Solitary hawthorn, White Scars, Ingleborough.

August:  On the Black Shiver ridge, Ingleborough, with the pavements below.

August:  Boulder of gritstone just below the summit of Ingleborough.

August:  The main limestone, the highest band of limestone on Ingleborough.

August: Low clouds moving up Chapel-le-Dale, from the Black Shiver, Ingleborough.

August: Great Scar Limestone above Crina Bottom.

August:  The Black Shiver ridge, Ingleborough.

August:  Sandstone on the Black Shiver, Ingleborough.

August: Circular remains on Ingleborough's summit - now thought to be associated with burials.

August:  Samson's Toe, above Langcliffe, Ribblesdale.

August: Penyghent from Winskill Stones.

August:  Samson's Toe, a massive Silurian erratic resting on the remains of a limestone pavement.

September: The Map of Wales - Yordas Cave, Kingsdale.

September: Jingling Cave, Kingsdale.

September:  Limestone and shale beds in Rowten Cave.

September:  The impressive opening of Rowten Pot.

November: The Haws House Ring Cairn, Chapel-le-Dale.

November:  Neolithic cairn, Chapel-le-Dale.

November:  Whernside from Fell Close.

November:  Fell Close Rocks, near Ribblehead.

December:  The White Horses, Greater Kelcow Cave, Settle.

December:  The Coney Garth 'square enclosure' near Rathmell.

Have a happy and healthy 2014 and I look forward to leading you on many more limestone adventures.

Stephen x