Tuesday, 2 April 2013

'Victoria Cave Revisited'

A Wonderful Exhibition of Archaeology at the Museum of North Craven Life, Settle.

Admission price: £2.50

The Museum is housed in Craven's most famous building, the magnificent 'Folly' tucked away behind the market square of this quaint old Yorkshire town, surrounded by caves, prehistory and breathtaking landscapes.  See for yourself the finds of Joseph Jackson and Tot Lord: the pottery of the Roman period, ancient bone spoons, skulls of cave bears and bones of bison 14000 years old!  Combine your trip with a walk up to this world famous cave, or enjoy a shorter stroll onto Castlebergh for jackdaw's-eye view of Settle.

Castlebergh Crag and Settle, with the town hall and famous 'Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe'

The collection was originally looked after by Tot Lord (1899-1965) at his famous 'Pigyard Club Museum'. Now it is owned by his grandson, Tom, who is himself an authority on Dales archaeology.

The Folly is a grade 1 listed building and every visitor contributes greatly towards the upkeep of this wonderful place.  Tell your friends about the exhibition, and come and combine your visit with a walk in Settle's beautiful countryside.

The exhibition is open through the summer season.  Settle also has a well-known Tot Lord trail and leaflets are available locally.  Richard Whinray, a retired teacher and grandson of Tot Lord, regularly supervises guided historical trails around the town, beginning at the tourist information centre.

I have several articles on Settle's landscapes available for download at scribd.com.

The Ebbing and Flowing Well - in full working order on April Fool's Day. There are fine old pictures and engravings of the well in the museum.



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