Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Yorkshire Dales:
Ancient Historical Hotspots
A Portfolio of Archaeological Wonders

Viking 'Smithy' - Gauber, Ribblehead.

Feizor Nick Caves - Settle: human remains from late Neolithic.

Feizor Nick Caves: Settle.

Feizor Nick Cave: chamber where the body of a woman with a spear embedded in her spine was recovered.

The Celtic Wall: Undated ancient structure above Stackhouse, Settle.

Chapel Cave, Malham Tarn: human remains.

Chapel Cave: Malham Tarn

Priest's House or Hermit's Cell - Romano British or later: Malham Tarn.

Iron Age Tumulus, Great Close: Malham Tarn.

Great Close Iron Age Cairn: Malham Tarn

Seaty Hill Tumulus: Bronze Age; revealed human remains and a sheep-bone whistle.

Langscar Cave, Malham: human remains.

Bronze Age House: Watlowes Valley, Malham.

Ancient Lynchets: field systems near Gordale Scar, Malham.

Stridebut Iron Age village, Malham - showing a 'walled passage' believed to help with storage.

Stridebut Iron Age Village, Malham.

Sheriff Hill Bronze Age Burial Cairn, Malham Cove.  Contained human remains and an 'incense cup.'

Iron Age field systems, near Malham Cove.

Haws House Ring Cairn - Chapel-le-Dale.

Haws House Ring Cairn, Chapel-le Dale.

Section of Haws House Ring Cairn, Chapel-le-Dale.

Sleights Pasture Neolithic Cairn, over 4000 years old.

Viking Smithy - Ribblehead, with Whernside.

Viking Longhouse, Gauber, Ribblehead.

Coney Garth, Rathmell.  Artificial rabbit warrens and this large square enclosure that contained remains of a cremation.

Druid's Hill Lost Stone Circle, above Settle.

Yarnbury Henge, Grassington: late Neolithic - Early Bronze Age.

Yockenthwaite Stone Circle, Langstrothdale.

Massive Bronze Age Burial Cairn, High Close, Grassington: four human skeletons and an accompanying beaker.

The Circus - High Close, Grassington: ancient meeting place or field boundary.

Ancient Bell Pit - High Close, Grassington - used for primitive mining.

Victoria Cave, Settle: (original natural entrance) elephant, hippo, hyaena, bear - as well as human remains, coins and jewellery. Perhaps the most famous prehistoric cave site in England.

 Victoria Cave, Settle: artificial entrance and spoil heap.

Horseshoe Cave, Settle: human and animal remains.

Attermire Cave, Settle: human remains, coins, jewellery and the remains of a Celtic Chariot.

Why not seek out the spiritual peace and solitude of these sites for yourself?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Awesome. I've not popped in to look at your blog for a while, but I am fascinated by all this stuff. Class!

    1. Cheers for that. Looking forward to getting back up there as I've withdrawal symptoms at the moment. :) Stephen