Monday, 17 February 2014

A Four Dales Up and Under
My new project for 2014

Malham Tarn

Now that 'A Three Peaks Up and Under' is to be published this summer, I am beginning work on a follow-up project exploring Malhamdale, Wharfedale, Langstrothdale and Littondale.  The resulting 'Four Dales Up and Under' blog posts will be coming your way as I complete each chapter - and will be available on this site. The chapters of the new work will be as follows:

The 'Up' Section:

1  Conistone Dib and Mossdale Scar: Spectacular gorge and a disappearing river.
2  Old Grassington: The Medieval and Iron Age settlements.
3  Grass Wood: Local legends and Prehistoric settlements.
4  Yew Cogar Scar: Arncliffe's hidden showpiece.
5  The Druid's Altar.
6  The Benches of Buckden: traversing the head of Wharfedale.
7  Great Whernside.
8  Buckden Pike: Following Reynard's Footprints.
9  Simon's Seat and the Strid.
10  Troller's Gill.
11  Malham Cove: a wander up and beyond.
12  Malham Tarn: Lost worlds and water babies
13  Gordale Scar
14  Pikedaw and the Calamine Caverns
15  The Giant's Grave and Penyghent Gill

The 'Under' Section:

1  Dow Cave.
2  Dowkerbottom Cave: A Stalagmite Tomb.
3  Scoska Cave:  Into a Lady's Chamber.
4  Langstroth Cave.
5  Giant's Grave Caves.

The chapter titles are still very much at the preparation stage, but I can't wait to get cracking with this and revisit all the old haunts in the eastern dales.  I'll still be adding to the Three Peaks section also ... so watch this space.

Thanks for all your support over the last year.  Happy adventuring ....

Stephen x

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